Books Written By Women

Bangle Sellers – Sarojini Naidu

Women Destroyed  – Simon De Beauvoir

Housewife -Ann Oakley

Bina Aggawal-  A Field of One’s Own

Ismat Chugtai-  Lihaaf 1942

Arundhati Roy- God of Small Things

Kiran Desai – The Inheritance of Loss 2006

Amar Jiban-Autobiography of Rassundari Devi       

The High Caste Hindu Woman – Pandita Ramabai (1887)

Sita Myth – Uma Chakravarthy

The Rise of Buddhism – Uma Chakravarthy

Women in Public  – Patricia Hollis

‘Document of the Victorian Women’s Movement’-Patricia Hollis

The Second Sex-Simone De BeauvoirWomen in Society-Ann J. Lane

The Origin of the Family -Engels F.

The Myth of Male Domination – Leacock E.

The Majority Finds its past -Lerner G.

Gender and Management -Sita Vanka

 Feminist Criticism   -Maggie Humm

 What is Gender History  -Sonya O. Rose

 Women: The Longest Revolution- Mitchell J.

 Gender and Class – Rap R

 The Traffic in Women- Rubin G.

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