Nisha Meaning

Nisha is an Indian origin word which means ‘Night’.  Nisha word has been derived from Sanskrit language. Nisha name is used for a female. A number of popular persons are there having ‘Nisha’ name such as: Nisha Madhulika – An Indian Chef and Youtube Personality Nisha Kothari – An Indian Actress Nisha Katona – A … Read more

Top 10 Richest Women in the World

Françoise Bettencourt Meyers & family Citizen of France Source of wealth: L’Oréal Alice Walton Citizen of USA Source of wealth: Walmart MacKenzie Scott Citizen of USA Source of wealth: Amazon Julia Koch & family Citizen of USA   Source of wealth: KOCH INDUSTRIES Miriam Adelson Citizen of USA Source of wealth: Casinos Jacqueline Mars Citizen … Read more

Women Entrepreneurship

A nation gets speed in progress when all citizen whether male or female take active participation in entrepreneurship. When they are not fearful about loss in business and with full zeal they contribute their wealth and physical presence in their business, GDP of that particular country enhances. Manpower in country increases and women’s status improves … Read more

Time Management Strategies

“The life is sum of seconds. If few seconds are saved, few parts of the life are saved so.” -Nisha Jabeen Here are some important time management strategies one must apply in his or her life to be more productive. Get up Early in the morning: No doubt, getting up early in the morning is … Read more

Time Management

“If we can manage our time, we can change our lives.” -Nisha Jabeen In present scenario everyone is claiming for the shortcoming of time in his or her life. I have noticed that in past time people visit other people’s houses where they used to share their ideas, things and quality moments with them. They … Read more