Nisha Meaning

Nisha is an Indian origin word which means ‘Night’.  Nisha word has been derived from Sanskrit language. Nisha name is used for a female. A number of popular persons are there having ‘Nisha’ name such as: Nisha Madhulika – An Indian Chef and Youtube Personality Nisha Kothari – An Indian Actress Nisha Katona – A … Read more

Who is Who

Indra Gandhi-              First Woman Prime Minister of India Pratibha Patil-             First woman President of India Jayanti  Patnayak- First Chairperson (NCW)     Bhima Bai Holker-  Freedom Fighter Mother Teresa-   First Indian woman to win aNoble Peace Prize in 1979 Kasturba Gandhi-  Swadeshi Movement Justice M. Fathima Beevi-   First Female Judge Vina Mazumdar-  Founder-Director, CWDS Durgabai … Read more

Organizations For Women

•           Women’s Indian Association (1917) •           All India Women’s Conference  (1927) •           All Bengal Women’s Union (1932) •           Bhartiya Gramin Mahila Sangh (1955) •           Self Employed Women’s Association (1972) •           Indian Association of Women Scientists  (1973) •           Working Women’s Forum (1978) •           Centre for Women’s Development Studies (1980) •           All India Democratic Women’s Association (1981) … Read more

Time Management Strategies

“The life is sum of seconds. If few seconds are saved, few parts of the life are saved so.” -Nisha Jabeen Here are some important time management strategies one must apply in his or her life to be more productive. Get up Early in the morning: No doubt, getting up early in the morning is … Read more

Time Management

“If we can manage our time, we can change our lives.” -Nisha Jabeen In present scenario everyone is claiming for the shortcoming of time in his or her life. I have noticed that in past time people visit other people’s houses where they used to share their ideas, things and quality moments with them. They … Read more