Me Too Movement

MeToo is a movement against sexual harassment. This movement was started in October 2017 when The New York Times released news of a Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment against Tarana Burke. After this incident till the end of October 2017, this movement became viral in virtual world especially in social media when an American actress named Alyssa Milano motivatedthe women about it on twitter on 15 October 2017. Millions of women and some men also joined this movement using #MeToo around the world.

It is not about a single or specific part of the world. Voices from around the world are arising saying #MeToo. It shows immensity of the sexual harassment and sexual assault in the societies.

Really, this movement provides a platform to the victims for sharing their pains to the world telling why, how, when and who harassed them sexually.

For a long time the women have been sharing their pains with others through their poems, novels and various other means. In present scenario they are sharing through social media and technology that’s why it is highlighting very faster. Overall it is so beneficial for the women.

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