Second Wave of Feminism

The Second Wave of Feminism belongs to the period from 1960-1980 and it is about the struggle of women for inequality mainly in laws, social and culture.In this wave, main focus was given to women’s rights in culture and politics. ‘The personal is political’ is the synonym for the second wave. This term was given … Read more

First Wave of Feminism

The First Wave of Feminism was started in 1830 to end the slavery and demanding for women’s rights. In this sequence, a women’s right convention was held in New York City in USA in 1848. Women Suffrage (right to cast vote) is popular in this specific period. In First Wave the main focus was given … Read more

Portrayal of Women in Media

As portrayal means to depict something especially in a work of art, it is possible just because of media that women’s situation is visible to each and everyone. As far as television is concern in media, most of the time, it figures the submissive pictures of women while other sources of media such as the … Read more

Images of Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is to enable the women similarly like men in social, political, educational, economical and lawful terms. It is to settle on them ready to take choices uninhibitedly, to make them self-subordinate and to carry on with their lives all alone with confidence. Following images can be used for as images of Women Empowerment. … Read more

Women Empowerment Logo

Women empowerment is to empower the women just like men in terms of social, political, economical, legal and education. By doing so women can take decisions freely, they become self-dependent and they live their lives with self-respect. It eliminate all sort of discriminations against women in society. The following images can be used as women … Read more