Role of Social Media and Print Media in Me Too Movement

Role of Social Media: Billions of people are using internet in our world. Almost every person who is using internet uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp etc. the approach of social media is wide and the speed of approaching is the fastest in the world. Social media played an important role to make this movement successful. Virtual world has become the unrepeatable part of our lives. It’s the social media which provide a unique platform for #MeToo movement. Through this technology #MeToo voices spread as wild fire within days.

Role of Print Media: In most of the parts of the world, many people don’t use social media applications and websites. Even in few countries some social media tools are banned. In these situations print media plays a crucial role for the purpose. Moreover, print media is considered more credible in comparison of social media. People are aware of this movement through newspaper, magazines and journals etc. I have read a lot of articles and research papers in different magazines and journals about #MeToo movement in the recent months.

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