Sexual Harassment in Workplaces, Politics and Film Industry

Sexual harassment is not limited to a specific industry. It can be seen in most of the industries but in few industries it is very common and we read about it frequently.

Even in school and colleges cases of sexual harassment can be seen in daily newspapers, magazines etc.

Sexual harassment is very common in workplaces, politics and film industry. After #MeToo movement a lot of cases came to existence from these specific areas.

In most of the cases the persons who are in power and have some kind of specific authorities, they misuse their power in terms of corruption and sexual harassment also.

In workplaces senior staff members exploit the junior staff members, in politics the politicians misuse their power as they think they are in power and nobody can punish them, in film industry new models are exploited by film producers, film financers and film directors. These models who come from middle class families mostly don’t take necessary steps against these types of sexual harassment.

In my point of view, a lot of women don’t reveal the fact just because fear of fired from job while some are afraid of losing their respect in society. Apart from it women are considered weaker than men. But today, when women are raising their voices against sexual harassment, the society must welcome it and take it to solution.

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