Theories of Women’s Studies

Main theories of women’s studies are as following:

  1. Feminist Theory: It is related to the theoretical aspects of various issues of women’s problems and gender fanaticism.
  2. Social Justice: In this branch of women’s studies we learn about justice for equality in society.
  3. Transnational Feminism: In this ideology we learn about equality for male and female in global scenario.
  4. Multiculturalism: This concept is about equal consideration for different cultures in society.
  5. Standpoint Theory: It beliefs that actual power is there in one’s own knowledge.
  6. Intersectionality: From this opinion we learn that all social differentiations like caste, religion and age etc. have mutual involvement.
  7. Affect Theory: It deals to express the feeling and emotions of women’s experiences in their lives.
  8. Biopolitics: This theory deals with the relation between biology and politics.
  9. Materialism: In this opinion we learn that everything is effected by material interactions.

10.Embodiment: This theory believes that all   representations of  women’s studies should be based on realistic and in visible form.

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