Time Management Strategies

“The life is sum of seconds. If few seconds are saved, few parts of the life are saved so.”

-Nisha Jabeen

Here are some important time management strategies one must apply in his or her life to be more productive.

  1. Get up Early in the morning:

No doubt, getting up early in the morning is the panacea in this regard. For getting up early you have to go to bed early also. Make a routine to go to bed and soon it will turn to your habit. By doing so you will get average enough time to do the things.

2. Minimize the Use of Social Media:

For the purpose make a schedule that you should check social media notifications once in a day. You can select the time for it such as after lunch or after dinner. At this time you can reply for essential things on social media.

3. Minimize Television Watching:

Nobody has become successful being idle and watching more television make us idle so keeping this in mind, you must minimize the habit of watching television.

4. Change Your Route and Use Traffic App

To avoid traffic you should change your route to reach your destination. It may consume more fuel but time is more precious than money. So prefer to save time. On the other hand you can use a fine mobile app to avoid traffic.

5. Depute the Tasks:

You should do the work in which you perfect and only you can do that. Otherwise you can depute the other tasks to your junior, younger ones and subordinates.

6. Make Plan for Next Day Tasks Daily.

You have to make a plan to do the things for the next day. Always remember, you have to take some margin time for unexpected circumstances or invited things.

7. Stay Healthy:

Focus on health, do exercise, eat and drink healthy and stay healthy. If you are healthy you can utilize your time at optimum level for you. Never compromise with your health. 

8. Keep Your Things in Order:

In your leisure time and especially in your holidays keep your things in order and in right place. With this habit you will the things in time and time wastage can be checked.

9. Deny Others:

As I discussed earlier it takes a lot of time. So deny others for doing the things. By doing so you will be able to save more and more time and you will invest that for your own cause.

10. Make a Pattern and Ascertain it:

You must make a pattern for doing the things. If you do so, the things will be done in time also and the pattern will be sustained so. You must ascertain your time spending such as how much time you are giving to a specific task. By doing so, you can check whether you really require to spend such time to that task.