Time Management

“If we can manage our time, we can change our lives.”

-Nisha Jabeen

In present scenario everyone is claiming for the shortcoming of time in his or her life. I have noticed that in past time people visit other people’s houses where they used to share their ideas, things and quality moments with them. They had the same 24 hours in a day as we have in present time.

In fact, the provided time is same but I have observed that in present time people have so many types of distractions in their lives today. Moreover, people have to prove themselves more and more by doing extra tasks due to saturations and cut throat competition etc.

In past, people were deprived of technology and so they had to spend more time on routine tasks. Technology has been helping human to save time but on the hand, as an average it is consuming near about two hours a day of a person in the world as well in the forms of misuses of social media, video games and other unnecessary activities on internet etc.

Many people think that they will manage the time easily but actually it is not so actually. In my point of view, time is an investment as there are some special laws to make investment, time also requires some specific techniques for its management. The person who will manage his or her time in right way, he or she will become more productive and will make the life more happy, better and meaningful.

When we manage our time, we can reduce the stress level which we face in our lives. Many times we are short tempered and in a very stressful condition as we have less time to do the things. It happens because of various reasons. Time is so precious in every person’s life. We can save it through management only.

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