Women Entrepreneurship

A nation gets speed in progress when all citizen whether male or female take active participation in entrepreneurship. When they are not fearful about loss in business and with full zeal they contribute their wealth and physical presence in their business, GDP of that particular country enhances. Manpower in country increases and women’s status improves so on.

When women initiate in entrepreneurship, they are full of hope and zeal. They are not dependent on others to solve their problems. They take decisions and don’t think about profit or loss in business. In actual in entrepreneurship we learn daily.

Even Arundhati Bhattacharya, the Indian banker and former chairperson of State Bank of India once said in an interview,” I survived at SBI because I was learning every day.”  

The problem about women entrepreneurship is lies in our society. We think women can’t operate this industry and only men can do that work etc. Well, so the change is required.


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